We started this blog like most people probably do when they start a blog – just to write about our experiences. Or something along those lines.

Over the past few months since we bought Serenity, our Jayco travel trailer, we’ve been through and camped in the following states: Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, and Texas. We went through Louisiana and New Mexico as well, but didn’t camp there, so they get an honorable mention. I have a few posts in drafts about our experiences there, so stay tuned on that!

At the same time, I have been writing more consistently on my recovery blog. I’ve found my writing groove, and barely a day passes that I’m not writing a substantial amount of words somewhere. Not here, though. That’s about to change, or at least the plan is for that to change.

3 things that Road Bloggers (currently) is not:

1 – A full time RVing blog.

This dream is not about storing all of our belongings and hitting the open road full time. We have children in public school, custody schedules to work with, and other limitations. It’s just not where we’re looking right now, but I’ve learned to never say never, so I will not say never on this either. Would I love to travel full-time? Oh my gosh, yes. But that isn’t the end goal here at the moment.

2 – Full time digital nomads.

Although we both work as much as we can to be location-independent, this falls in line with the first item. Jay has an office for his business, and we both work a lot better when we get some uninterrupted time in that office. Again, things might change, but this is how it stands right now. We can work anywhere, but having a home base is nice.

3 – Experts on the travel trailer/RV lifestyle (yet!).

At least not at the time of this writing. We’ll get there, I hope, but I only just took Serenity out by myself last weekend. Other than our Colorado trip, we just haven’t spent enough time camping to call ourselves experts yet. Jay has a ton of military experience, and I was in Girl Scouts for years, so we’re both pretty proficient with tent camping and the like, but that’s completely different.

So what can you expect from the Road Bloggers?

Campground and state park experiences throughout the United States.

It won’t be a glorified review site, so I won’t say that the posts will be reviews. However, I do like to give props and share our experience wherever we stay. We’ve already experienced so much hospitality and met so many interesting people, and we’ve only been out for a few weeks!

Tips for beginners (especially those who are not full time, but who are trying to start traveling as much as possible).

We’re learning as we go. You’ll get to learn along with us!

Topics such as traveling as a blended family, camping with kids, goal setting, entrepreneurship, and stories from the road.

I love highlighting different stories, and plan for this blog to be a place full of them. Stories of love, adventure, growth, adrenaline, accomplishments, and lessons. Not just our own stories, but stories from other travelers or people we meet along the way.

We are a family of explorers, dreamers, and doers, and we’re not interested in waiting until we can “retire” (which neither of us really plans to do anyway). Our dream is to live each day to the fullest, taking the days as they come and doing our best with what we have. Sometimes, that looks like a massive road trip for weeks. Other times, it will look like a walk around the block, or a short visit to one of our local favorite restaurants. We’ll talk about Mississippi a lot, it being our home and all.

If you are itching to explore, but you struggle to balance “regular life” with your “dream life”, ¬†this blog is for you.

What does your adventure look like? Are you a full timer, part-timer, or still working up one of those? What is your biggest obstacle when it comes to making your travel dreams a reality? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

Stay updated on our trips + tips!

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