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What You Can Expect From The Road Bloggers

what to expect from the road bloggers jayco jayflight travel blog mississippi

We started this blog like most people probably do when they start a blog – just to write about our experiences. Or something along those lines. Over the past few months since we bought Serenity, our Jayco travel trailer, we’ve been through and camped in the following states: Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, and Texas. We went…

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Day One: Emotions

roadbloggers gloster ms emotions first travel trailer

I wasn’t sure how to feel as we drove our new camper off the lot. This had been a dream for so long, and I’d been researching and anticipating this for weeks. Driving home with her, I felt…exhausted. We drove straight to my Jay’s parents’ home to park her. They live about 2 hours away,…

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