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Thunderstorms And Travel Trailers Aren’t Friends

Bull Shoals Dam, AR - travel blogging, road bloggers

We’ve slept in the camper through a few mild rainstorms over the past few months, but nothing quite like last night. We were in Mountain Home, Arkansas visiting Jay’s business partner again. All day, the sky was overcast and a little rain misted here and there, but that happens. The dark clouds out on the…

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What You Can Expect From The Road Bloggers

what to expect from the road bloggers jayco jayflight travel blog mississippi

We started this blog like most people probably do when they start a blog – just to write about our experiences. Or something along those lines. Over the past few months since we bought Serenity, our Jayco travel trailer, we’ve been through and camped in the following states: Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, and Texas. We went…

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Hitching Up The Trailer By Myself: Beginner Tips

paul b johnson state park sunset traveling camping with kids women who travel

This past weekend, I went camping without Jay for the first time since we bought the camper. I’ve driven it plenty, but this was the first time for me to really take her out without solid backup. The kids and I loaded up and headed down to Paul B Johnson State Park, just outside of…

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